Hurley icon internship// WINNING PITCH

Backstory: In the Summer of 2015, I along with 39 others were selected to be apart of the Hurley ICON internship program. The purpose of the intern program was two-fold: a team project that was presented to Senior Leadership at the end of the internship and daily functional work within our respective assigned departments. So, along with working day-to-day in the Retail Administration division at Hurley, I was apart of a team of like minded individuals-TEAM PHANCY-who over the span of the 10-week program came together to cultivate the winning pitch for Hurley going forward. This is the story of our team's winning pitch.


"With companies like UBER and Airbnb changing the way we, as consumers, use and receive products and services-how do we do this to make Hurley top-of-mind?"


Devise a concept strategy that makes Hurley the top-of-mind brand for boardshorts


1. Showcase Hurley as an inclusive brand community, one that expands beyond the reaches of just surfing.

2. Elevate and connect membership experiences in both retail and digital marketplaces to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

3. Cultivate the Hurley Phantom boardshort as a versatile product that can be used in a number of diverse settings. 


Narrated by Bob Hurley, Founder & CEO of Hurley Int.//Music: Jasmine by Jai Paul


 2015 data from the ICSC, further proving the growing need to bridge shopping experiences.

2015 data from the ICSC, further proving the growing need to bridge shopping experiences.

 2015 data from the ICSC, further proving the growing need to bridge shopping experiences.

2015 data from the ICSC, further proving the growing need to bridge shopping experiences.



Through creating a Phantom Profile account on the Hurley website, new members will have access to three new interconnected shopping experiences:

  1. The Interconnected Shopping Cart - While online shopping provides the ability to shop from the comfort of your own home, there are still certain benefits that the digital marketplace cannot provide. For instance, maybe the color of a T-shirt you purchased online is not what it looks like upon receiving it. Or maybe the sizing on a pair of shorts you bought is not what you expected when you actually get to try them on. Our answer to this struggle is the Interconnected Shopping Cart. Now, members with a Phantom Profile will be able to select products that interest them online with confidence and instead of blindly committing to purchase them, they can select to "View in-store" and choose a time and retailer that works best for them. Upon arrival to the store, a shopping cart with their selected items will be waiting for them to try on.
Hurley Deck 30.jpg
Hurley Deck 31.jpg

2. Phantom Pro - Phantom Profile members will also have access to schedule an appointment with a Phantom Pro. Phantom Pros are informed specialists of the Hurley brand and can offer personalized shopping advice and product knowledge through 1:1 appointments. The output of this new feature will decrease return rates through boosting shoppers confidence on Hurley products. 

3. TRI-ON - The last of the elevated membership experiences brings the convenience of a fitting room, right into the home of consumers. TRI-ON allows online Phantom Profile members to select any three pairs of boardshorts for free before purchase. The selected boardshorts are then shipped to their home to be tried on without any shipping charges. TRI-ON has a trial period of 10 days. Within those 10 days, members can either keep the boardshorts they love for purchase and/or send back the ones they don’t with absolutely no shipping charges.


"How Do You Phantom" is a social media campaign that allows consumers to show how they wear their Phantom Boardshorts. By using the #HowIPhantom hashtag, the consumer can show what activity they use their Phantom Boardshorts for. The result of this will be user generated social media content that showcases Hurley Phantom Boardshorts versatility and will play a crucial role in deepening the bond between the brand and the consumer.


-Led strategic development and concept refinement efforts

-Deck design collaboration

-Collaboration on writing the manifesto and team's pitch script  


Nick Camarillo//Sarah Dunn//Sean Kinsella//Tyler Muzzy//Serena Smith//Noah Wilskey